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Drip mats - the perfect advertising space

Subtle differences in the detail apply even to our Drip mats: our innovative production process allows individual retrieval from the dispenser without beer mats clinging to each other. This saves money as well as time. In flexographic or book embossed printing, these handy drip catchers are perfect for displaying your advertising message. A feature that won’t go unnoticed!

Mank Drip mats with advertising prints - the advantages at a glance:

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Printed beer rosettes as advertising space

Mank beer rosettes are not only extremely effective drip catchers for beer glasses; they also save cash. Unlike traditional beer rosettes, Mank beer rosettes do not cling to each other and can be easily separated. They can be produced using flexographic printing or elegant book embossing. This results in a relief-like embossing with a three-dimensional effect.

Beer rosettes made from tissue or absorbent paper

With its soft, flexible structure tissue is a high-quality product with up to twelve layers. Absorbent Mank paper is characterised by excellent absorbency and low tare volume. Customers are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of punched edges and sizes. Beer rosettes keep the base of the glass dry and the table surface clean. Beer mats also offer additional advertising space for restaurateurs. Slogans and logos can be placed right in front of guests.

Mank - all-round solutions for the table top area.

In addition to drip catchers and beer mats, Mank also offers many other products for creating a stylish table top area. Napkins made from tissue or Airlaid, rolls of material, candles, table sets and many little service features for top-quality service await your customers. A particular advantage of Mank beer mats is the special production process that means they don’t cling together, saving restaurateurs many resources throughout the year. Discover the Mank product world now and browse our range of products. Our advertising print catalogue and general catalogue offer plenty of information about beer rosettes, printed with a personalised logo or solid colours.


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