Drip catchers

Drip catchers - decoration and protection all in one

What restaurateur isn’t familiar with wax stains on candle holders and tablecloths? Make this problem a thing of the past with our tissue drip catchers. These little gadgets not only look great but they also keep dripping candle wax at bay. These drip rings are subtly embossed with stars and dots and are available in a variety of colours.

The advantages of Mank table drip catchers at a glance:

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Drip catchers - little touches for high-quality service

Whether for teapots, coffee pots or wine bottles: drip catchers are a smart service tool in the food service sector that add real value for guests and hosts. Drip catchers enrich teapots and coffee pots, particularly in the area of high-end gastronomy. By using these little service features, table linen remains cleaner for longer, the work for waiting staff is made easier and guests encounter less issues when pouring drinks at the breakfast table. Silver jugs used in high-class hotel establishments are particularly prone to drips; a drip catcher can therefore work wonders here.

High-quality products for wine drip protection

Mank drip catchers are made from soft, absorbent tissue. They are available in a range of attractive designs depending on customer requirements, however printing customised logos is also no problem here at Mank. Impress your hoteliers with these smart service products! A book embossing process creates a fine, three-dimensional relief which gives the printed product an elegant finish. This process can be performed as either blind embossing or colour application - an effect you can be proud of!

Table top products: a matter of experience

For more than 80 years, Mank has been producing disposable table top products in Germany. This experience is demonstrated through flexible and competent support and high-quality products which are continually being improved and enhanced. Whether drip catchers for teapots, wine drip collars, plate holders or coasters: the Mank product range has it covered when it comes to high-end service. Discover Mank’s product range today, browse our catalogue and delve into the Mank world of design!


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