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Placemats are experiencing a renaissance, because these hygienic underlays are an integral part of the table top design in many modern food service concepts. They replace tablecloths or runners and form the base of individual decoration arrangements – a microcosm of hospitality that is both decorative and functional.

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All the advantages of a Mank placemat at a glance:

  • Several materials to choose from
  • High quality disposable solution for the table top area
  • Available in many colours and motifs
  • Logo printing and own designs possible
  • Option with PP non-woven material moisture resistant and tear resistant
  • Production and sales made in Germany

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Paper placemat as an alternative to the tablecloth

Modern food service concepts increasingly rely on a very reduced table top design - as with a paper placemats, this is done not only for aesthetic, but also for practical reasons. The reduced decoration does not distract too much from the essential factors, so that the focus is on the interior design and the culinary offer. Especially for tables with a noticeable wooden surface, paper placemats are a great way not to hide them and still to provide the guest with a hygienic underlay. In contrast to the tablecloth or the table runner, the paper placemat does not cover the entire surface - the general design character is preserved.

Paper placemats - Food service in transition

While it used to be a must-have for sophisticated food service to use fabric tablecloths and fabric napkins for the table top area, it is quite common in the food service sector today to use products made of high quality disposable material. One of the leaders here is Airlaid, because this high-tech material has both feel and visual characteristics of fabric, while as a disposable product it is simply disposed of after use and the table is quickly ready for new guests. That is why Airlaid paper placemats are very popular in the food service and hotel sectors.

Design diversity with the paper placemats

Especially for the food service sector, Mank has a variety of designs for tablecloths that offer something for every style. For the pizzeria, a new craft burger concept or the breakfast area of a hotel - Mank placemats can be used anywhere and impress with their design variety and comfort. Request our catalogue now and get to know the Mank paper placemat range - we look forward to hearing from you!


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