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Innovative and functional - Pocket napkins

Functionality every time – but not at the expense of the design! That is why our Pocket napkins have a patented design that makes them a symbiosis of napkin and cutlery storage. For modern and timeless table top creations both for indoors and outdoors. For relieved hosts – and enthusiastic guests!

Mank Pocket napkins come in various qualities – with motifs that will accompany you all year round and in many brilliant solid colours.

Be it in the beer garden, for a birthday party or simply in the “a la carte” area – Mank cutlery napkins look great on a variety of occasions. Are you looking for creative table decoration? You will certainly find something here!

Our materials for this product

strong>Pocket napkins made of Linclass Airlaid – fabric-like in feel and appearance with a textile structure

  • High quality Airlaid
  • Available in many designs and colours
  • Fabric-like structure – absorbent and stable
  • Available in the sizes: 19 x 22 cm, 33 x 33 cm, 40 x 33 cm, 33 x 40 x 40 cm, 40 x 48 cm and 48 x 48 cm
  • 1/8 book fold

Printable with:

  • Brilliant flexographic printing
  • Exclusive hot stamp printing
Linclass Airlaid
Pocket napkins made of tissue deluxe – four layer quality with full linen structure embossing

  • High quality and stable
  • Full surface embossing with linen texture
  • Available in many designs and colours
  • In the sizes: 40 x 40 cm and 48 x 48 cm, 1/8 book fold

Printable with:

  • Brilliant flexographic printing
Tissue Deluxe

All the advantages of a Mank Pocket napkins at a glance:

Are you interested in our products?

The cutlery pocket as an intelligent service tool

If your customers are looking for an intelligent service solution that will save them time and effort, the Mank patented cutlery pocket with its cutlery slot is the ideal product. When unfolded, the cutlery pockets are indistinguishable from a normal napkin, the cutlery slot ensures a secure fit and hygienic placement of the cutlery in the folded state. Since napkins can easily be prepared as cutlery pockets before the start of service even in large quantities, they are very popular in outdoor food service, but also at parties and events. While cutlery pockets that are especially folded from napkins are often unstable, a cutlery pocket is ready to use and needs only to be equipped with the cutlery. At Mank, we have a wide selection of cutlery pockets, in solid colours or with a design, for almost any occasion.

Buy cutlery pocket - many advantages for retailers

Mank customers benefit from fast support, production and processing with which "made in Germany" is not just a slogan but rather products which will inspire restaurateurs and hoteliers. The system of our napkin cutlery pocket is patented and is available exclusively as a Mank product, an advantage that benefits not only retailers but also restaurateurs. Whether cutlery pockets are used on the go, or for the interior of a restaurant, the function and design of this product adapts easily to all conditions! That is why cutlery pockets are so popular in the food service and event sector. The symbiosis between functional storage and design object are to be found at Mank in many solid colours, but also printed with seasonal motifs. As a dealer, benefit from the innovative products of the Mank company and order your catalogue now! Questions about where to buy Mank products are always welcome.

Fold cutlery pocket out of napkins

If necessary, napkins with a cutlery pocket can also be easily folded as required if no prepared ones should be on hand. All you have to do is fold the edge of a napkin and place the cutlery in the pocket. There are also cutlery pockets for silver cutlery with an elegant design, solemn occasions are an ideal application for these practical service helpers. In many events, such as weddings or anniversaries, choosing a cutlery pocket is not excluded. Discover the product portfolio of Mank now and be inspired by our product range for cutlery!


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