Napkin rings

Napkin rings - hygienic and decorative

Another clever feature for the service industry – napkins are ready for use in the blink of an eye and can be hygienically placed. Our paper or cardboard napkin rings are available with the option of a clasp or adhesive closure, ensuring a professional impression in every situation!

Napkin rings as a platform for advertising messages:

Our napkin rings can be used as exclusive brand ambassadors with individually printed logos. Integrate some corporate identity into the tabletop design and place it where it is most effective: in front of your guests! 

The advantages of Mank napkin rings at a glance:

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Paper napkin rings - stylish yet practical additions

Paper and cardboard napkin rings have two benefits in one: the first is that napkins can be quickly prepared prior to service and the second is that they are decorative accessories placed in front of guests, making them perfect tools for advertising messages. Disposable napkin rings are quick to assemble and the rolled-up napkins are less creased then if they were folded. Larger quantities can be prepared in advance prior to service, meaning staff are better equipped at busy times.

Napkin rings with advertising message on top

The placement of your brand is essential for good branding. Little service helpers such as napkin rings, drip catchers and coasters provide a good service since they are placed directly in front of guests, are used by them and therefore convey advertising messages better in this area. Colours and imprints can be individually tailored to customer requirements and the Mank product range naturally also includes napkin rings in universal colours. Special advertising campaigns and event advertising can be featured on napkin rings to capture guests’ attention.

Little service helpers with a great impact

Whether cup doilies, tray doilies, coasters, drip catchers or wine drip catchers: Mank has a wide product range that leaves nothing to be desired in the area of top-quality service. Virtually every product can be customised according to customer requirements; no matter whether egg cosies for breakfast or wine coasters for the evening, these little features are the focus of customers’ attention making them the perfect advertising space. As a Mank retailer you can offer your customers a huge product range, distributed across multiple industry-specific catalogues, that leaves nothing to be desired. Arrange a consultation today and discover Mank table top products including paper napkin rings and much more!


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