Bib - Stain protection for all ages

Our bibs are not only for little guests, adults are also happy when their clothes stay clean while eating seafood, grilled pork knuckles and the like. Therefore, Linclass Airlaid or non-woven material bibs are an ideal service tool – also for adults who are “en vogue”. Original designs or advertising printing make our bibs real eye catchers in the table top area!


Bibs with film lamination – ready for any feast

Whatever you serve at the table – offer your guests the chance to dine in style and without stains. Our bibs made of Airlaid are laminated with film on the inside and absorbent on the outside due to the fabric-like Linclass Airlaid.

Our materials for this product

All the advantages of Mank bibs at a glance:

  • Made of fabric-like Linclass Airlaid with film lamination or non-woven material
  • Disposable bibs with original designs - even for larger guests
  • Ideal also for children
  • Also possible with advertising printing
  • Protects clothing from stains
  • Production and sales made in Germany

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