Corporate design

How to distinguish yourself from the masses with printed advertising products

Customisation is crucial to the success of a company since your brand will only generate a loyal, long-term customer base if it stays in the minds of consumers.

Advertising products are a method of corporate design that keeps customers aware of your brand by focussing on all areas of your company presence. Tabletop products printed with company logos are guaranteed attention-grabbers in the food service and hotel sectors.

Whether napkins, beer mats, coasters or drip catchers: you can express yourself to guests in the form of print in the tabletop area.

Here are a few important tips for designing your printed advertising products:

Less is more!

Don’t overload your guests with a design. A simple logo or snappy slogan often say more than long sentences of text or elaborate designs.

Stay true to yourself!

Do not change your colour scheme or the design of your brand in your advertising print. Corporate design means visually presenting your brand, whether on menus, outdoor areas or printed beer mats, in a homogenous way and generating recognition for customers and guests.

Include your design concept!

Printed advertising products should stylishly match the company design in terms of colour and print method. Whether blind embossing, hot stamping with gold foil or coloured flexo printing: find a product that suits your company.


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