Mank launches catalogue with organic range

Environmental responsibility is nothing new for Mank.

Now we’ve brought out a special catalogue for our organic range where our customers, as well as being able to find out about our sustainable table top products, can also learn everything about the measures and principles for running a company in an environmentally meaningful way. This includes making use of solar energy as well as using eco-friendly raw materials and materials, not to mention environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment.

Materials which are in harmony with nature

whether 100% biodegradable fabrics or velvety Spanlin organic – Mank is investing in this area in a modern table top range which is at one with nature. Our LOVE-NATURE collection is above all characterised by warm, subtle colours and nature-related motifs. Soft colours and a large design selection inspired by nature can also be found in the new Mank range “WE LOVE BIO”, as well as a large selection of products for a perfectly laid table.

We take our commitment to mankind and the environment seriously, as demonstrated by our certificates, such as the FSC label, the EU Ecolabel and many other certification marks. We’re breaking new ground with our innovations in the search for new possibilities and methods to make our production processes as environmentally-friendly as possible. Our punching waste is therefore reused as a drinks tray or egg carton, and bee colonies can make their home at our company premises. The new organic catalogue is a further step in creating an environmentally-friendly and sustainable range of products which also reflect a love of nature in dining!

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