Sustainable production

as an investment for the future!

Manufacturers and distributors of paper and paper products are often associated with destruction and deforestation. This is a myth since for responsible forestry, paper is one of the most sustainable, industrially produced products.

Here are a few facts about using sustainably produced paper products in industry:

Due to a constant demand for wood fibres, forest owners are prevented from selling their land. These can then be sustainably managed and the forest is preserved.

Paper is one of the most widely recycled products in the world. It can be reused up to seven times before the fibres begin to deteriorate.

82 percent of the world’s waste paper deposits are turned into paper products such as packaging, cardboard products and containers which saves resources. Our products can also be recycled after use, which we always communicate and promote to our customers.

Paper and tissue are recycled after use whilst Airlaid decomposes as part of the natural cycle. Any waste as a result of tissue production is turned into cardboard drinks trays and egg cartons by our partner companies and so begin their second life as a packaging product.

As a manufacturer of tissue and paper products, Mank is committed to sustainable production processes and customers can be reassured thanks to certification with various seals of guarantee.

FSC: Wood and paper featuring the FSC logo is guaranteed to come from well-managed forests. In contrast, it promotes social and environmentally friendly forestry management. Flora and fauna are protected and work is carried out under fair conditions.

PEFC: Products with the PEFC logo come from ecological, economical and socially sustainable forestry management. The entire product manufacturing process – from raw material to finished end product – is certified and managed by independent assessors as part of a strictly controlled system.

EU Ecolabel: By receiving this label we have demonstrated that our certified products meet the strictest environmental and health protection criteria at all stages of their cycle. This specifically means: Wood fibres are exclusively used from sustainable forestry management, strict regulation of materials hazardous to the environment and health (e.g. banning chlorine gas as a bleaching agent), strict waste management and an efficient, energy-saving production chain.

Total Zero: Our DPD shipments are CO2-neutral – just one of our contributions to prevent climate change.


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